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...A witch is kind of like a wise woman but with a giggle (or cackle). It’s a sort of magical word, but in an everyday way. --Maia Toll
Winter Branch


You're a little bit weary. A little bit sick. A little bit bored. A little bit uninspired.

There was magic once, you're fairly certain, but that road has felt closed for a hell of a long time.

You want shooting stars and sisterhood (and brotherhood and peoplehood!), laughter and witch light.

Just a little.

It's not too much to ask.

The truth is, it's been there all along.

You've simply forgotten how to look.

We all get busy with the mundane parts of life and the magic gets squished out. Don't worry; it happens to the best of us.

It's what you do when it happens that matters.

Because what you do can change everything.

Desperately yearning for connection while you rush from meeting to appointment to soccer practice isn't going to get it done. Waiting and hoping doesn't work so well either.

If only life came with a guidebook or a map, you know you could find your way.

That's where Witch Camp comes in.

It's a guide, a map, a community, a portal.

Imagine joining the circle, sitting by the fire, roasting a few marshmallows, and getting back in touch with yourself and your place in the larger scheme of things.

Feels good, huh?  Feels grounded, and connected, and juicy.

What would it feel like to live deeply rooted every day (not just during your annual three-day retreat)?

Would you find yourself smiling secretively, whistling a little, celebrating the moon's cycles, and the first shoots of springtime?

Would you suddenly realize that the oak tree in your front yard has a little lesson for you, and that there is no such thing as coincidence?

Would you feel a little more settled, a little less lonely, and a bit more open to adventure?

Would you notice how perfectly each little moment holds magic and joy?

Are you ready to feel a deeper connection to spirit and rediscover the spark of soul within you?

Welcome to Witch Camp.

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I revivify the word "witch" as one who is so bewitchingly competent in her chosen craft that she has become almost magical in her power to transform the world around her. --Jess Lambert
Winter Branch

More info...

It’s a planner, a virtual workbook, a yearlong program, a portal.

Most life lessons are learned in the liminal space between doing the dishes and leaving for work.

But it’s difficult to integrate our desire for deep connection into this part of our lives. Rather, we relegate it to a Sunday walk in the park or a three-day retreat with our girlfriends.

We sever the sacred from the everyday, and then we wonder why everything feels mundane, why our energy bottoms out, and why we feel a quiet malaise in our bodies and souls.

There’s a better way and I can show you how to get there.

Witch Camp is blueprint to teach you to live connected every day, to get into the flow of the seasons and the cycles of your own emotions as you dance through the year.


It inspires you to cross the threshold to the corporeal, sensual world to reacquaint yourself with your emotions, your instincts, and your body.

When you sign-up for Witch Camp, I will email you a (dare I say?) stunning and evocative calendar with the year's events all laid out and organized .  Each month has do-able action steps that you can take to keep you on track.   The calendar links to the Witch Camp website where you can download worksheets, watch videos and listen to audios to keep you feeling inspired.

You’ll get recipes and rituals, herb tales, and the lore of Earth and Sky in bite-sized bits you can savor with your afternoon tea.

Witch Camp is a soul guide that will reconnect you to the parts of yourself you have nearly forgotten.

And you won't be doing it alone.  I will walk the wheel with you, sharing my herbal year as you live yours. Think of it as a glimpse into my herbal year and an invitation to join me.

I will share my teachings, my experiences, the lessons I learn, and the ways I find to reconnect.

I will recommend foods and diet modifications to help keep your body comfortable through the changing energy of the seasons.

I will let you know personal care tips, including herbal remedies for ailments such as colds, allergies, sunburn, and more.

Plus we have a great team of counselors (get it? Camp counselors?) who will be sharing their own thoughts and lessons, and stories.

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“Witch” is a label that cloaks one in the spirit of “wise women” of old, and serves as a reminder to bear witness to the magic that lives in any given moment, often simply by how one walks in the world. --Meg Smith
Winter Branch

You'll Discover...

When you embark on Your Herbal Year, you will discover:

» How to make time for yourself, even in the midst of a busy modern life.
» How to tap into your sense of grounding and rootedness so that the tough times feel a little less daunting.
» How to engage with the wild, wise side of yourself that has been longing to come out and play.
» How to acknowledge and experience the patterns of the universe and become part of the larger tapestry of life.

And the best part? You won’t have to worry about figuring out complicated technology, organizing files or missing deadlines. All your lessons, exercises, recordings, recipes and more can be easily accessed from the website, anytime.


» A simple, easy and joyful introduction for the novice and guide for the initiate.
» A versatile tool: It can be your introduction to herbalism; a reminder of ritual; or a way to embrace your true self while you connect to the world around you. It can be all of these or none of the above. Your choice.
» The cost? $190. The calendar is a downloadable file that you save to your computer. You can also print it, if you want (It’s truly gorgeous, so you might want a hard copy.)
» Or, you might choose to keep it in a digital format so that you can easily link to the website for the videos, audio and updates.

Witch Camp includes:

» The Witch Camp Calendar in a digital format
» Weekly audio tidbits to keep you engaged and connected throughout the year
» How-to videos where I share herbal wisdom
» Seasonal rituals of reconnection
» Seasonal-Energetics Worksheets to guide you in detoxing your body and home, practicing gratitude, building an altar, and other such activities
» A forum just for campers (nope, it's not Facebook!)
» A full year of sisterhood (and brotherhood and peoplehood!) in a private, online website where you can hang out, chat, and learn a thing or two.

About a decade ago, I spent a year in Ireland. My first herbal year was my Irish year.

And it was beautiful, and terrible, drenched in history and intuition and everyday magic. It fed a longing in my soul that I had been walking around with my whole life.

So I started teaching what I had learned. I called it “herbalism” but it was more, it was deeper. This restorative, mysterious thing I taught (and still teach)—this thing that has no name—builds communities, salvages souls, brings deep comfort, roots and connection.

It heals wounds that we don’t even know need mending.

This artistry is not something that can be learned through a hard-core weekend, accompanied by drumming and eating only vegan food.

It is a compilation of small life lessons learned by everyday people in the midst of their everyday lives. There is no “one huge revelation.” In fact, sometimes it all seems so benign—hardly mystical at all—until the epiphanies come.

But they only come if you dare to take action, share a story, try a new food or are bold enough to chat up some local greenery.

This program is not about reading; it’s about doing.

I can’t fail to mention, both as inspiration and warning: My students tell me that from the minute they sign-on to work with me, things start shifting.

It’s the cosmic, YES! And it’s not always comfy.

But it gets you “closer to fine,” as the Indigo Girls tell us.

And since we’re quoting:

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” - William Morris

Witch Camp is both.

» You will use the energy of the changing season to let go of what no longer serves you.
» You will rearrange, rediscover, realign to find beauty, both within and without.
» You will walk the wheel connected, whether you live in the city or the country, the mountains or the ‘burbs.
» You will feel whole.

This is your invitation to join a community of like-minded souls. I invite you to enter and walk the wheel with us.


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"It's a wonderful idea," Moira said, "this community of witches you want to build, but are you sure that the Internet is the best place to do it? [...]"

Sophie grinned. [...] "Modern witches need to use modern tools." --Debora Geary, A Modern Witch
Winter Branch

Your Counselors

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Maia Toll
Head Counselor
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Jessica Lambert
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Meg Smith
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Paula Billig
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Kristin O'Malley
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Pick your package and grab a cup of tea... We have so much to share with you!
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We're offering Witch Camp as three affordable options to fit a variety of budgets.

Note: Please consider your commitment carefully. We are not able to offer refunds at this time.

**The gates are open! After you register, watch for a Welcome email and a Login email within 24 hours. (usually much sooner)**

$683 mo
  • January-March
  • 3mo of Access to Witch Camp
  • Downloadable PDF
  • Great Gift Option!
$19012 mo
  • 12 Months of Herbal Materials
  • 1 year of Access to Witch Camp
  • Beautiful PDF Downloads
  • Best Value
$19per mo
  • 12 months of Herbal Materials
  • 1 year commitment
  • 1 year of Access to Witch Camp
  • Gorgeous PDF Downloads


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