What is Witch Camp?

  • Nell Schroer - Savannah, GA
    Witch Camp is the best thing that ever happened to my mornings... Warning! Side effects include feeling centered, calm, and sometimes super-focused!
    Nell Schroer - Savannah, GA
  • Paula Billig - North Wales, PA
    A 5 minute getaway, a rainy day binge, a resource for my heart, my hands, and my mind, a reminder that there are LOTS of other witches like me out there!
    Paula Billig - North Wales, PA
  • Ashley Williams - Atlanta, GA
    Witch Camp is a great way to learn more about that which connects us all, in whatever pace or fashion works best for you. I highly recommend.
    Ashley Williams - Atlanta, GA


A witch is simply a woman who knows herself and her place in the cycle of the seasons.

A witch is a woman who understands that Medicine,
in the oldest sense of the word,
has to do with healing the spirit.
It has to do with deepening your roots
and learning to move through the world
with a profound sense of self-trust.

But here’s the thing:

I can’t teach you this through lectures or readings.

What I can do is set up what I call “containers for experience.”

It’s up to you to fill these containers; it’s up to you to live the lesson.

There is magic in the world.

I can guide you toward it.

Only you can step into it and claim it for your own.

There is a witch in you.

  • Katie Swacker - Rocheport, MO
    This is a wonderful place to find myself. Thank you campers & staff for sharing and being part of this magic.
    Katie Swacker - Rocheport, MO


Witch Camp: The Course

Learn to live within the cycles… of the seasons, of the moons, of your life.At Witch Camp, we get in touch with our cyclical selves by working with the moon. So each self-guided level of the Witch Camp takes a moon cycle to complete, plus one week before to prepare and one week after to assimilate.

What will you learn?

The complete Witch Camp series will:

  • Unlock the mysterious language of Earth and Sky, the Wheel of the Year, and the cycles of the Moon so that you sense your place in the grand cycle of things. Once you have this feeling of “home,” you can ride life’s changes with greater ease and move through feelings of fear, jealousy, and loneliness.
  • Give you tools to enhance your intuition (or find it if you haven’t already!), including oracle cards and dowsing, so that you can make decisions quickly and comfortably.
  • Provide the key to understanding the ancient use of the word “medicine” and delve into the 3 Medicine Kingdoms— animal, vegetable, and mineral—so that you can find your own Medicine and heal your own soul.
  • Begin your journey working with herbs, crystals, and power animals so that you have support in your spiritual work.
  • Explore the concepts of balance (yin/yang, positive/negative) and lead you to find your center so that you can live from a place of grace.
  • Build and use a home altar to focus your intentions and align you with seasonal cycles, the moon cycles, and your own intentions for growth.
  • Cleanse, purify, and create sacred space... wherever you are!
  • Work with the 4 Elements to achieve deep connection with the world around you.
  • Delve into the Chakra system to support your daily energy.
  • Use Lunar Astrology to make sense of the ebb and flow of your days.

But most importantly, you will begin to listen to the voice of the Earth and the voice of your Soul so that you can live your life with purpose and direction.

  • Cari Taylor - Western Australia
    When we go searching to find ‘something’, we often don’t know what we’re looking for or where to begin looking–but we start in hope of ‘finding’. I found Maia Toll just this way.

    I knew I was seeking authenticity, truth, strength, grit, witchyness, abundance in offering of self... I found Witch Camp so engaging: it was perfect for opening to connection and discovering more. And more you will find.
    Cari Taylor - Western Australia


LEVEL 1: Rediscover the Magic

Rediscover the magic and synchronicity  that unfold when you come back to  yourself and your center.


Module 1: Create Space for the Sacred (Waning Moon)

As we begin our journey together, we consult our star maps and pack our (metaphoric!) bags. We will create space in our lives, our bodies, and our energy fields for the learning to come.


Module 2: Discovering the Divine Feminine (New Moon)

During the Dark of the Moon, we turn inward. We will dive into Celtic Lunar Astrology, where you will meet your moon and discover how connecting with your divine feminine can help you find balance in your stars... and in your life.


Module 3: The Art of Intending (Waxing Moon)

As the moon grows night upon night, you will grow in your knowledge of the subtle energies of the world. In this module, you will build a strong foundation of knowledge and practice so you can sing to your dreams and make your visions reality.


Module 4: Standing in your Light (Full Moon)

Under the light of the full moon, you will explore your yang energy—the counterbalance to the divine feminine you worked with on the New Moon. Discover how to woo your inner-dude!


Module 5: Becoming Whole (Waning Moon)

As the moon begins to wane, you will integrate and balance, learning how to use crystals to help you keep your energy in flow as the cycles of the moon shift. We will also dive deeper into Celtic Lunar Astrology so you have tools to use as you work with the moon throughout the year.


Bonus Module: The Seeds of Intuition (New Moon)

When you are ready to take the next step in your growth, use this bonus lesson to begin learning how to tap into your intuition—your soul spark—that you can use to plant the seeds for the month to come!

Your Investment - $89

  • Kim Kaplan - Philadelphia, PA
    I am deeply touched by all that this community has shared. I am inspired by the rich work you have all done. I walk into this dark night with love & gratitude in my heart. I walk into this new year with a deep commitment to grow the life I want, little by little.
    Kim Kaplan - Philadelphia, PA



Are people of all religions welcome? Absolutely. This is your journey and you can bring along whatever is important to you: faith, spirituality, yoga... you name it. The only thing you can't do is foist your carry-ons onto your fellow travelers.

Are men welcome? Absolutely. What I teach is wisdom that has traveled down to us along the female lines. Whoever you are, if you are comfortable with this lineage, you are most welcome!

Is this a Wiccan program? Nope. 

  • Victoria Smith - Independence, OR
    Witch Camp is my happy place on the interwebs.
    Victoria Smith - Independence, OR


About Maia Toll

maia-newAbout a decade ago, I spent a year apprenticed to a wise, witchy, herbal woman in Ireland.

It was beautiful, and terrible, drenched in history and intuition and everyday magic. It fed a longing in my soul that I had been walking around with my whole life.

So I started teaching what I had learned. I called it "herbalism", but it was more; it was deeper. This restorative, mysterious thing I taught (and still teach)—this thing that has no name—builds communities, salvages souls, and brings deep comfort, roots and connection.

It heals wounds that we don't even know need mending.

This way of being is not something that can be learned through a hard-core weekend, accompanied by drumming and eating vegan food.

It is a compilation of small life lessons learned by everyday people in the midst of their everyday lives. There is no "one huge revelation." In fact, sometimes it all seems so benign—hardly mystical at all—until the epiphanies come.

But those epiphanies? They only come if you dare to take action, share a story, try a new food or are bold enough to chat up some local greenery.

This is not a path for the passive. This is a path of daily (or somewhat daily!) practice. It's about doing and being.

I can't fail to mention, both as inspiration and warning: My students tell me that from the minute they sign-on to work with me, things start shifting. Join me in shouting to the Universe: YES!

  • Linda West - Salem, OR
    What was I looking for in Witch Camp? I'm not sure. But I know I find it every time I connect with this amazing community.
    Linda West - Salem, OR


Not Quite Ready?

Listen to the voice of the Earth  and the voice of your Soul  so that you can live your life  with purpose and direction.