6 Flu Chasers

InFLUential Tea

Are you fluin’? Seems like everybody is down with a little something.  Even those of us who aren’t sick, are not quite well. What to do? Fluids:  When I stayed home sick from school as a kid, my mom would put a gallon of Apple Juice out before she left for work and admonish me […]

Seasonal Sadness

Screen shot 2015-03-20 at 6.24.00 AM

Do you remember the myth of Persephone? Persephone was walking on a hillside with her friends when she came across the most beautiful flower. She was captivated by its bloom and its sweet smell, she paused to be with it, her heart full of joy. The flower was a narcissus, grown by the Goddess Gaia, […]


Apothecary Garden sign

Its a new year and there is so much to celebrate at The Apothecary Garden. Thank you all for helping us to not only survive but thrive in these difficult financial times.  We are very conscious of the active support that we get from all of you and send out our gratitude and appreciation. Our […]