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"You are such a naturally beautiful, powerful writer. Your writing reminds me of my two favorite Anne authors: Anne Lamott and Annie Dillard and I would gladly read anything you published." --Janelle Holden
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"With Maia's insight, and many herbs along my road, I am now able to function in my daily life, my body not ache, and my mind free to wander." --Annsley Klehr

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"I revivify the word 'witch' as one who is so bewitchingly competent in her chosen craft that she has become almost magical in her power to transform the world around her." --Jess Lambert

Philip Lomax and the Divine Lady M.

The name Phillip Lomax keeps appearing alongside my phone number whenever I do a conference call. I came up with a whole story about Phillip that involved bank fraud and a quick escape to Bora Bora. My business coach, Christine Kane, had a different angle: she decided that Philip is my guardian angel. Now I […]

Should You Detox?

It’s inevitable. Whether I am doing a Q & A for my advanced students in Sage School or cruising around the Witch Camp forums, someone always wants to know: “What’s your favorite detox?” (My students are eye-rolling because they already know where I am going with this. If this is your question, I promise to […]