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I believe...

there is a witch in every woman.

I believe we all have the desire to heal ourselves and world around us, to learn the plants and the stars and the turning of the seasons.

Hi. My name is Maia Toll...

... pull up a chair and make yourself a cup of tea.

You've landed in just the right place for nurturing your body & feeding your soul.

What's on the menu?

  • * intro courses to help you reclaim your wisdom & your connection to the sacred and the seasonal
  • * herbal apothecary classes so you can make your own medicine
  • * a practitioner level training if you are ready for a deep dive into the traditional healing arts

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love notes

  • Lauren Simko – West Chester, PA

    I have studied with Maia for a couple of years now, first at West Chester University in her Botanical Medicine course, then at her Community Herbalist Training program in Chestnut Hill, and now in the Herbal Wellness Coaching program. When I met Maia, I knew that I found a true holistic health mentor. My background is … Continue Reading…

    Lauren Simko – West Chester, PA
  • Linda Baker, MD CCH -
    Flourtown, PA

    So much happened during the three months I worked with Maia. Looking back, the changes amaze me. For the first time in many years, I’ve made it through an East Coast winter without suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder, and this is several months after a death in the immediate family! But beyond that, I’ve really … Continue Reading…

    Linda Baker, MD CCH -<br />Flourtown, PA
  • Joseph Carchedi, MD ABIHM -
    Maple Glen, PA

    I have had the pleasure to have worked with Maia for the past few years. Maia and I worked as a team to holistically treat, with excellent results, all the patients we had in common. She has an academic knowledge of Herbology and is an excellent instructor. Anyone who desires to utilize herbs in their treatment plan … Continue Reading…

    Joseph Carchedi, MD ABIHM -<br />Maple Glen, PA
  • Nell Schroer – Savannah, GA

    Witch Camp is the best thing that ever happened to my mornings. I've always had beautiful stories in my head. And when I've had to write them out, I would. But there are so many times when I don't "have to," so the beauty stays inside. Why Witch Camp works for me? It allows whatever is inside this ol' brain to get … Continue Reading…

    Nell Schroer – Savannah, GA
  • Debora Geary – Victoria, BC

    I’ve always been deeply intuitive—I’ve always known things, always gotten to the answers differently than most people I know. But I didn’t come at the world that way. I was a rational, articulate, creative thinker who always had words and smart explanations and solid common sense. But then my marriage exploded, and I … Continue Reading…

    Debora Geary – Victoria, BC

writing highlights

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 9.07.33 PM

Ebbing with the Moon

It wasn’t until I was well into my 30s that I really understood the cycles of the moon… … which is a little scary considering I grew up in a place where I could actually see the night sky. I loved learning the constellations’ shapes and stories but Mama Luna didn’t draw me much as […]

New Orleans Cemetery

In the City of the Dead

I found the first bird dead under the power line in the field behind my teacher’s house. The second bird followed the next day. Both were small and black, their wings extended as if they were still trying to fly. I mentioned them to my teacher over breakfast. “I think there’s something wrong with the […]

crying buddha

The Conflict Cure

“What time’s your flight?” “I don’t know; you bought the ticket.” I was distracted, working on a new course, and immediately forgot about the conversation. ‘Til I got a text from my sister: What time’s your flight? “Hon!” I call to my husband, “What time’s my flight?” You can see where this is going, right? […]


Your Rite of Passage

I got my first tattoo when I finished my Master’s degree. After three universities and enough course credits for a PhD, finally finishing something, degree wise, felt like a big deal… and I wanted to mark the occasion. Many people (especially my parents!) thought it odd that I chose to literally mark my body. Permanently. […]


Earth My Body

I’ve been thinking a lot about my body. Yes, like all of you, I compare my body to the bodies on TV. I examine my asymmetrical face, knowing it precludes me from modeling or movie stardom. I watch as my hair becomes increasingly silver and know that the image I present to the world is quickly […]


Power Flower Oracle!

  In my newsletter last week, I wrote about the many ways to work with herbs and how you don’t always have to ingest an herb to get its Medicine. This came up again this week when a friend was mourning not being able to take her beloved Hawthorn since it is contraindicated for pregnancy. […]