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I believe we all have the desire to heal ourselves and world around us, to learn the plants and the stars and the turning of the seasons.

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autumn road

Start Where You’re At

Laughter drifted from the house. There were warm voices and a glow from the living room lights that made the barn, where my friend Sally and I curled in our sleeping bags, feel cold and damp. “That’s going to be us someday,” Sally said, referring to the teachers gathering across the way. That night was a […]

moon sunset photo

Full Moon Eclipse September 27th

It’s been a season of eclipses. Even if you don’t follow what’s going on in the heavens, you’ve probably noticed some disruptive energy in the past few months. Folks who follow this stuff are not thrilled that Sunday is yet another eclipse. But I’m kind of excited for this one. First off, just after sunset […]

Sun and heart photo

Intellect & Intuition

A woman came up to me after class. “You said you thought it was all bunk and bullshit, back when you first got to Ireland,” she said. “But you changed your mind, didn’t you?” She was referring to a comment I had made about the “magical” side of my Irish experience. And she’s right: in […]

Staring into Autumn photo

Lean into the Last Days

Nights have gotten cool here. I have pulled out the down comforter and rescued my woolen slippers from the back of the closet. Ginger and cinnamon have once again found their way into my tea blends and it’s rare that I don’t have a cup of something warming my hands. I suspect that the sudden […]

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 7.42.37 PM

Dangerous Trends

Apparently Pescatarians live 40% longer than the rest of us… … according to my mom and dished up, no context, over family dinner this summer. Andrew and I have talked on and off for years about cutting our meat intake but he doesn’t do well with beans and fish is a concern because of the […]


Got Your Martyr On?

A few days back I got an email tagged URGENT asking me to teach a workshop in December. The pay? Zilch. The topic? Not mine. The requester? A whip-smart, incredibly hardworking woman running a not-for-profit. A few years back, that third bit would have stopped me in my tracks. Even though nothing else about the […]